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Our technology saves you time & money.

We combine blockchain technology, analytics and deep human expertise to make Florida title, escrow and settlement processes more efficient.  This allows us to rebate money to our clients, sometimes as much as 21%.

Who We Serve

Using cutting-edge technology solutions, the Silicon Title team has brought to market a more effective and efficient title settlement model for the state of Florida that usually result in a significant portion of title premium being rebated to buyers and sellers of Florida real estate.

Home Owners

We work directly with sellers to instantly rebate Florida title insurance premiums by up to 21% using our proprietary closing technology.


Never discount your commission again.  Instead offer a way to save via Silicon Title's instant rebate which is the best in Florida.  

Mortgage Lenders

Silicon Title was founded with a "security-first" methodology to meet or exceed compliance guidelines & requirements.

Real Estate Investors

Silicon Title is an "investor friendly" title company with knowledge regarding wholesaling, double closing & transactional funding.

We provide title, escrow & settlement services for Florida Real Estate.









Our Services

Silicon Title is a full-service, technologically enabled discount title insurance agency.  


Close from Anywhere

Our simple, secure RON (Remote Online Notary) service enables you to close from the comfort of home.


Residential Title 

Silicon Title provides better and more secure service to homeowners along with an instant rebate at closing.

Commercial Title

Silicon Title's rebate could equal tens-of-thousands back in your pocket at a commercial closing.

Builders & Developers

Silicon Title's team can help with specialized needs like initial land acquisition & unit closing.

Title insurance on a personal level.  Outstanding customer service tailored to each individual and people who know you by name.


Plus, money back at closing via rebate.

(what could be better?)

Helpful Articles

News about Florida title agencies, discounts and new technology.

What is a "Butler Rebate" and why does Silicon Title offer it?  Why don't all Florida title companies offer a rebate?

Good question!  Butler Rebates have been legal in the State of Florida since the year 2000, but most title companies charge full price anyway.

What is an investor friendly title company in Florida?  Where can I get cheap title insurance in Florida? 

Certain fees can be "set" by the title agency, so some title transactions are certainly cheaper than others.  Learn more about fees & rebates!

Silicon Title can use blockchain technology as a persistent secondary property recording method. 


Our blockchain technology is provided by IBM.  The founder of Silicon Title was an IBM executive and is a certified Hyperledger developer.



4731 North A1A, Suite 226, Vero Beach, FL 32963 



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